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10 January 2009 @ 06:53 pm
[scans] Super Junior The 2nd Album Repackaged  
Okay, I had promised to post scans in the weekend and so here I am :D hehe

But at first, I had planned on posting Super Show Album scans.. but as it is, my friend who borrowed the Super Show CD hasn't returned it yet... -_-"
And so here I am with the 2nd Album Scans! Hehe

Yes I know that the 2nd album is not really new, but I just wanted to share them

Behind the cut is
2nd album preview

shiwon prevKyu preview
You can get them here
Please enjoy, and comment when taking!

And for addictine , I know I promised you that I will upload SJ Fullhouse hehehe and so here is the link. But I'm sorry it's in 3 parts.
You can find Fullhouse ep 4 here, here, and here.
Enjoy ne! =)

Forgive me, but I can't sign off before I rant bout school.
 I really CANNOT believe Tibo!!! How dare he??? See here, at school we were supposed to make presentations: one presentations per group. And why oh why had I ended up in the same group as Tibo and Irfan?????
Tibo is the group leader, but as usual I was dumped with all of the leader's responsibility. Yes, Tibo unceremoniously dumps ALL of his work on me. I just hate it when that happen. And it happens EVERY TIME there's a group assignment. Why me, huh?? Why does it have to be me??? I'm just so sick of being the group leader.

The other reason of why I am angry with him is in this conversation:
Tibo: "Ni, you and Azii should do the assignment." / "Ni, lo ma Azii aja yang ngerjain."
Nia (a friend who is in the same group as I am): "what???"
Tibo: "Yeah, you and Azii do it." / "udah deh, lo ma Azii aja!"

then Tibo turns to Irfan.

Tibo: "Fan, we'll just leave the assignment for them to work on OK? We don't have to do anything." / "Udah, Fan, kita ga usah kerja, biar mereka b2 aja."

Sumpah tu orang minta di apain.... >=O
Tibo was lucky I wasn't around when he said that or else he'd be likeok no, that's cruel.. -_- ga lah, gila aja lagi sadis banget sih aku ma temen sendiri... T.T
But I am so VERY VERY angry at him. He does not do this once but he does it EVERY TIME.
And Irfan!! Why are you listening to him?????? You're a good guy and is much more co-operative than Tibo, don't listen to Tibo!!!

Oh well, all I can do is 
Current Music: I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
~Lui-chan~: wookieaddictine on January 10th, 2009 02:01 pm (UTC)
arigatou azii-chan! and for the scans too.. ^_^

~re your school,... sometime there are really people who're like that... gambare!
8dOA: teppei_kimi8doa on January 10th, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC)
You're welcome ^^

Azii, gambarimasu yo! :D
Tibo is a helpless cause -_-'
2 years in the same class as he is, I'm suffering. LOL
I just hope Irfan will help out T.T